Portland Is Different From What I Thought

I have always imagined Oregon being this quiet place that was filled with greenery and cattle. Imagine my surprise when I watched an episode of House Hunters and I saw that it was nothing like that. There may be places in the state that resemble the images I came up with, but Portland is not one of them. I actually think that it looks pretty similar to many of the places I have lived in.

The first thing that I was surprised about was the fact that there is a public transit system. I am not sure why, but that part threw me for a loop. I guess I thought all of the people in the area would need to have cars in order to get around. Apparently, that is not the case at all. They can go and hop on a bus just like people in other places, like New York City.

Another thing that I did not imagine was how bustling things seem in the downtown area. On the show that I saw, the people wanted to live close to the center of everything. This did not look all quiet and somber like I thought it would. It was hectic, busy and fast-paced like Boston, where I am from. I guess my notions were very wrong. I can actually imagine myself buying a home in a city like that.

I have been thinking about making a move since living here is getting so expensive. I think that I will probably add Portland to my list of options. If I can get the same city feel that I have here without paying all of these off the wall prices, I think that I will be more than happy to call that city my new home.