Portland, Oregon Can Make For A Great Family Reunion Location

If you are responsible for organizing a family reunion, why not consider Portland, Oregon? This city is rather remote to most Americans, as the Pacific Northwest is a long ways away from the population centers of the Atlantic Seaboard, Great Lakes, Gulf Coast, and Southern California.

If you don’t have any family in Oregon, or even in an adjacent state, then everyone has to travel there. That helps you avoid politics about a family reunion being too close to anyone in particular, assuming your clan is spread out around the country.

It can serve as a double vacation for a lot of folks who have never been here before. There are certainly plenty of accommodations for everyone to stay at, be it a hotel or families renting homes for the week. Many restaurants are waiting to host your events and large gatherings as well, with plenty of different styles of cuisine for you to enjoy.

For those that don’t want to spend the whole week with family, Oregon has plenty of beautiful nature and landscapes and geography to enjoy. Just around Portland, there are mountains and a river to use for fun and adventure, but deeper into the state, you can find plenty of hiking, rafting, and other chances to enjoy the vibrant world around you.

That’s not to say there’s nothing to do in Portland itself. Entertainment, shopping, museums, and culture abound. There are even a few professional sports. The most notable is likely the Portland Trailblazers franchise of the National Basketball Association. Damian Lillard and teammates take the court for 41 home games a season, along with a few preseason dates and occasional playoff action against the other 29 teams of the league, all of whom come to town at least once a year.