Portland Region Forecast (Oregon City): Cooler Temps And Maybe Rain Over The Weekend

Air quality alerts persist in the Portland metro region as smoke from wildfires across the Pacific Northwest and Canada continues to roll through the valley. On the bright side, it’s made for some pretty stellar sunsets:

Sunset from Hillsboro’s Southside Aug. 3. Photo Courtesy: Travis Loose, Patch News

They’re a little harder to enjoy, however, when you realize the reason they look so neat is because of air pollution — but I digress. Along with smoke-screened sunsets, many folks in the region have also enjoyed the noticeable lack of precipitation.

Seen as a blessing by some, as of Thursday Oregon City hasn’t seen rain for 55 days. That could change this weekend.

Temperatures Thursday will reach highs in the mid 90s, but that’s it; beginning Friday, forecasters are calling for a dramatic drop in temperature as clouds move into the region, potentially bringing along rain and 70-degree weather throughout the weekend. No rain is expected Friday, though clouds should be rolling in by evening.

Come Saturday, partial overcast will keep highs in the low 80s. Additionally, forecasters are giving us a 20 percent chance of rain by nighttime.

Sunday will bring the first dip into 70-degree weather we’ve seen for quite awhile, along with a greater chance of rain throughout the day. Highs are expected to stay in the mid-70s.

The cool trend is expected to continue Monday with highs hanging in the mid-to-high-70s, though the clouds will be gone by then.

Looking ahead to Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures should begin to rise slightly both days, but are not currently expected to exceed 80 degrees.

Today, partly cloudy starting tonight.

Friday August 11

Light rain starting in the evening. High 88, low 65.

Chance of precipitation: 20%. Wind 2 mph from the W

Saturday August 12

Mostly cloudy until afternoon. High 83, low 61.

Chance of precipitation: 27%. Wind 3 mph from the W

Sunday August 13

Light rain in the morning. High 70, low 59.

Chance of precipitation: 39%. Wind 2 mph from the WSW

Monday August 14

Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 75, low 54.

Chance of precipitation: 0%. Wind 4 mph from the NNW

Data provided by darksky.net.

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