The Weather Of Portland Oregon

The weather of Portland Oregon is mostly mild as far as the temperature goes. If you’re the type that hates the heat or cold, this could potentially be the perfect locale for you. On high, there’s a roughly 65 degree Fahrenheit average throughout the year. On the other hand, the annual low averages about 45 degrees. As expected, the hotter days of the year occur in July, but the coldest days generally pop up in December as opposed to January. While this isn’t ideal for some, many people love that it’s so consistently between the more extremes of cold and hot typically found in many other locales within the United States.

The precipitation is the real make or break for most potential residents of Portland. At least half the year sees some form of precipitation, usually in the form of rainfall. The average amount of rain over the year is just under 50 inches total. Snow might also occur in December, though it’s quite rare. At the most, there might only be one or two days with snow that actually accumulates beyond mere flurries.

Major storms beyond the rainfall are fairly rare, usually with only around a week’s worth of thunderstorms at the most. Legitimate snow storms might occur once within a decade or so. The wind is also fairly easy to deal with, with the average wind speed coming in at just under 8 miles per hour.

Given this, most would say the weather of Portland Oregon is perfectly easy to deal with. You might want to move to drier states – especially if you have issues such as asthma – but if you can put up with rain and you hate being too hot or too cold, Portland is a great place to live!